Tina Fey

I don’t think I really need to tell you who this lady is.  Between co-hosting Weekend Update on SNL, playing Sarah Palin on SNL (“I can see Russia from my house” will live on for years to come), starring in 30 Rock and authoring Bossypants, Ms. Fey is now a household name.  Let’s not forget all the writing she’s done for SNL and 30 Rock either.  I loved her portrayal of Kim Baker in Whisky Tango Foxtrot as well.  I listened to the audiobook version of Bossypants recently, and I was so charmed by her humility.  Not only is she hilarious, but she has a great head on her shoulders.  I have to also mention that I think she’s beautiful.  The lady can wear a gown like nobody’s business.

Ms. Fey doesn’t really fit in a box, and I love that about her.  I feel a kinship with her about that.  She’s funny, she’s smart, she’s beautiful, she’s a great writer, and she’s a great actress.  She can do it all!  She’s okay with her nerdiness, because she’s so into what she’s doing that she doesn’t care what anyone thinks.  We all nerd out about something, and that’s okay.  In fact, that’s awesome – to be that into what you’re doing.  Passion is everything.  Ms. Fey embodies this mindset.

Looking at her work collectively, there is a theme here – strong women.  And that’s the best part about Ms. Fey:  She is a strong woman, she plays strong women doing their thing with no consideration for what everyone else thinks, and she builds up other women (see: her friendship with Amy Poehler.  I mean, friendship goals all the way).  Strong women helping other women.  I like that.  For consistently inspiring other women to go for it, Ms. Fey is my WCW.


Jennifer Hyman 

Jennifer Hyman is the CEO and Co-Founder of Rent the Runway.  Ya heard of it?  I used RTR to borrow a Badgley Mischka blush gown for the black tie optional Houston Young Lawyers Association Holiday Party last December, and I was beyond impressed with the service!  It was so easy!  RTR sent me two sizes for the price of one, and one of them fit perfectly.  I felt gorgeous in the dress.

RTR Front View

Ah, good times.  Now back to Ms. Hyman.  I was listening to an old episode of the #Girlboss podcast recently (clearly I love my podcasts), and Hyman was the guest.  I didn’t know anything about her or how RTR was founded.  She was so interesting and inspiring.  While a student at Harvard Business School, Hyman came up with the idea for RTR when hanging out with her sister one night.  The two were going through Hyman’s sister’s closet and started discussing how women buy expensive dresses for formal events but can never wear them again (all the photographic evidence online, etc.).  Hyman thought about how wasteful this was, and BAM!  Rent the Runway is born.

The most mind-blowing part of the interview was the discussion of Hyman randomly figuring out Diane von Furstenberg’s email address and asking for a meeting, which DVF granted.  This made me like DVF even more!  She met with Hyman and Hyman’s business partner, told them it would threaten her business, and she wasn’t interested in participating.  But!  Then, she gave them advice.  Women entrepreneurs helping other women entrepreneurs.  I love it!  Side note:  now RTR and DVF work together.

I admire Hyman’s creativity, visionary nature and her fearless initiative!  And for these traits, she is my WCW for the week!



WCW: Sophia Amoruso

For my very first Woman Crush Wednesday, I selected a person who has been through some stuff, especially lately (you can google it).  I don’t think this detracts from her story.  Rather, it is part of her story and what makes her such an inspiration.  I can’t remember exactly how I stumbled upon the audio version of Sophia Amoruso’s book, #GIRLBOSS (also a podcast and Netflix show) — maybe on the tails of listening to Jen Sincero’s rendition of her book You Are a Badass — (more on Sincero another day) when I needed another hit of something similarly inspiring.  Then, I discovered the podcast, which is BRILLIANT.  Amoruso interviews a woman entrepreneur or business leader during each episode. It’s so interesting and empowering to hear each guest’s story.  If she can do it, I can do it. 

If you’ve never heard of Sophia Amoruso, she started a leeeeetle company called Nasty Gal from nothing and built it into the empire it became.  Amoruso always had a passion for vintage fashion and used that passion to fuel her business.  She knew her circumstances didn’t define her.  She took control of her life, worked insanely hard and became mind-blowingly successful.  I admire her passion and drive.  The hits always come, but she didn’t let them keep her down.

This is an area I fail in over and over again.  One little misstep or failure, and I’m ready to throw up my hands and walk away.  My current goal is to overcome setbacks with a positive attitude and renewed vigor; setbacks will always happen (especially when you have big ideas), but they don’t mean it was all for naught.

I highly recommend #GIRLBOSS (both the audio book and the podcast) and Sophia Amoruso’s instagram (@sophiaamoruso).  She’s super entertaining and refreshingly unique!