Peach Scones with Vanilla Bean Glaze

Searching for summer recipes (okay I was looking for Autumn recipes because we’re less than 100 days out people (!) but then decided I needed to focus on season appropriate recipes), I discovered this wonderful Peach Scone recipe from A Latte Food.  I used unbleached flour, because the additive in bleached flour freaks me out.  I also used frozen peaches, because I am lazy.

All Scones

I wanted to make a glaze with vanilla beans, so I found this Vanilla Bean Glaze recipe  (the Vanilla Bean Scone portion looks great too) from Cooking Classy.  It was easy!  In fact, the whole scone making process was much easier than I expected, and I was a first-timer!  Next time I make scones I will bake them a few minutes longer, but this may be just personal preference.  I dropped some of the scones off at my mom’s office this morning to brighten their Monday.  They loved them!

Two Plates SconesOne Scone

I can’t wait for more weekend baking!

Weekend Update

Dolce Neve Gelato and Trivento Amado Sur Malbec

I don’t have much to report from this weekend.  It was a really low-key weekend with a busy week ahead in mind – a couple dates and some mixology for an upcoming post!  That said, I did manage to have a few highlights!

Friday night I rested.  It was my first week in the new job, and though the hours are not long, there is a lot to learn.  I was exhausted Friday night and stayed in to rest.

Saturday morning I ran around completing my usual errands and did some yoga (Saturday yoga for the win!). I decided to treat myself to gelato at Dolce Neve Gelato on Saturday afternoon.  I tried to Fromage Blanc & Apricot and Crema Dolce Neve (lemon) flavors.  I loved the Fromage Blanc & Apricot, but I was disappointed the Mascarpone & Fig and a couple other flavors I wanted to try were not available.  Next time!

Dolce Neve Gelato

Saturday night I tried out a new Malbec, Trivento Amado Sur.  Typically, I grab a bottle of Alamos when I’m craving Malbec, but I decided to change it up.  I really like the Trivento!  I would recommend.  It’s not pricey; I think it was around $12-13.  I’m having a bit as I type, in fact.

Trivento Amado Sur Malbec

Sunday morning I went for a run and then to church.  It was a fantastic sermon!  Then, I went for a manicure (clearly much-needed from the above gelato photo!) and spent the rest of the day relaxing.  I spent some time reading James Joyce’s Ulysses on my patio.  It was a very zen afternoon!  I’m hoping to go for a bike ride here in a little bit and then walk my baby dog, Laci.  The Crepe Myrtles are in full bloom around The Heights and just beautiful!

Crepe Myrtles

Hope you have a fantastic week!





‘Tis the season for gingham galore!  The blazer and the maxi dress share the top spot on my gingham wish list!

One.  J. Crew Blazer

Two. Jeffrey Campbell Flats

Three.  Draper James Dog Collar

Four.  J. Crew Side Tie Shorts

Five.  J. Crew Bikini

Six.  Vineyard Vines Hat

Seven.  Brooks Brothers Belt

Eight.  Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses

Nine.  Clare V. Clutch

Ten.  Superga Sneakers

Eleven.  Madewell Scarf

Twelve.  J. Crew Maxi Dress








Frosé Throwdown

As I’m sure you know, frosé is the cocktail for Summer 2017.  I finally jumped on the frosé train a couple of weeks ago at brunch.  With a quick follow-up search on Pinterest, I discovered a few frosé recipes worth trying.  I recruited my mom for a mini Frosé Throwdown.  Let the ruuuuuuummmmbbbllleee begin!

Note:  Rosé doesn’t completely freeze without an additive.  It’s more like a slush, so it melts really fast.  Thus, the cocktails were already melting by the time I could snap a photo.  Definitely don’t take the frozen rosé out of the freezer until immediately before blending with the other ingredients.  Pretty garnishes include mint, pink or red rose petals and frozen berries.  An extra squeeze of lemon here and there really brings out the flavor!

One.  This Island Life’s Frosé

Frose One

This recipe called for the healthiest ingredients of the bunch (read: agave syrup in lieu of simple sugar).  This recipe had more work on the front end but froze the best thanks to the coconut water.  We liked this one on first sip but added a touch more lemon which perfected the flavor.  Mom noted “Very good! A very good squeeze of lemon brings out all the flavors to their utmost and best use!  Delicious!  Great for a Shower, Afternoon Tea or lazy afternoon.”  She is clearly a fan!  This wasn’t our favorite of the bunch, but it was a close second.  Note:  I forgot to take a photo until after the tasting started.  I was excited! Oops!

Two. How Sweet Eats’s Dry Rosé Sorbet

Frose Two

This recipe called for rosé champagne, but since I didn’t have any on hand, we used good old regular rosé.  I also muddled a bit of mint in the bottom of the flutes.  On first sip, it needed sweetening.  We added more simple syrup and more lemon.  My mom noted “It still is not my favorite.”  I wonder if it would be much improved with rosé champagne.

Three.  Ramshackle Glam’s Frosé

Frose Three

This was good but not great.  I think if I’d let the raspberries soak in the simple syrup longer, it would have been much better.  I garnished with a few raspberries in the glass, but mint would have been nice too.

Four.  If You Give a Blonde a Kitchen’s Frosé

Frose Four

I looooooved this one, which makes sense since most frosé cocktails served in restaurants seems to be mixed with strawberries.  This was both Mom’s and my favorite of the bunch.  We have a winner!  Frosé all day!


Jennifer Hyman 

Jennifer Hyman is the CEO and Co-Founder of Rent the Runway.  Ya heard of it?  I used RTR to borrow a Badgley Mischka blush gown for the black tie optional Houston Young Lawyers Association Holiday Party last December, and I was beyond impressed with the service!  It was so easy!  RTR sent me two sizes for the price of one, and one of them fit perfectly.  I felt gorgeous in the dress.

RTR Front View

Ah, good times.  Now back to Ms. Hyman.  I was listening to an old episode of the #Girlboss podcast recently (clearly I love my podcasts), and Hyman was the guest.  I didn’t know anything about her or how RTR was founded.  She was so interesting and inspiring.  While a student at Harvard Business School, Hyman came up with the idea for RTR when hanging out with her sister one night.  The two were going through Hyman’s sister’s closet and started discussing how women buy expensive dresses for formal events but can never wear them again (all the photographic evidence online, etc.).  Hyman thought about how wasteful this was, and BAM!  Rent the Runway is born.

The most mind-blowing part of the interview was the discussion of Hyman randomly figuring out Diane von Furstenberg’s email address and asking for a meeting, which DVF granted.  This made me like DVF even more!  She met with Hyman and Hyman’s business partner, told them it would threaten her business, and she wasn’t interested in participating.  But!  Then, she gave them advice.  Women entrepreneurs helping other women entrepreneurs.  I love it!  Side note:  now RTR and DVF work together.

I admire Hyman’s creativity, visionary nature and her fearless initiative!  And for these traits, she is my WCW for the week!